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Plate processing process in the use of steam boiler

 huatai 2021-04-16 

"Plate processing and other production enterprises, the use of steam is more extensive, such as insulation foam board, production with steam heating raw material foaming production.The wood from which furniture is made is dried with steam before it is made into furniture.Aerated bricks for building use are also dried with steam and can generate electricity and so on."


The reasons for the use of steam boiler in the process of plate processing:


1, prevent wood cracking and deformation


When the moisture in wood is discharged into the air, especially when the moisture content of wood is below the fiber saturation point of wood, it will cause the shrinkage of wood volume.If the shrinkage is not uniform, the wood will crack or deform.If the lumber is dry the process that gets used to with use environment photograph or the state that uses a requirement, the relative stability that can maintain the volume dimension of wood material, and it is durable.


2, improve the physical properties of wood and processing conditions


When the moisture content of wood is below the fiber saturation point, the physical and mechanical strength of wood will increase with its decrease.At the same time wood is also easy to saw and planing such as work, reduce the loss of woodworking machinery.


3, prevent wood from mildew, decay and moth


If the moisture content of the wood is dried to less than 20%, the conditions for producing mold in the wood will be destroyed, enhancing the ability of the wood to resist mildew, decay and moth-eaten, and maintaining the original characteristics of the wood.


4. Reduce the weight of wood and improve transportation capacity


After drying wood, its weight can be reduced by 30 to 40 percent.Can greatly improve the transport capacity of wood;To prevent wood from mildew and decay during transportation and ensure the quality of wood.


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