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Facing customers, we provide safe, reliable and high-quality industry and product solutions and related services, and build an integrated information integration platform. No matter from pre-sale, in sale or after-sale, we have been actively listening to customer needs, carefully building product quality, and sincerely providing customer satisfaction services.

Pre sale

After you get in touch with us, we will give you a timely reply according to your needs, and give corresponding purchase guidance. If necessary, you can also visit our well-equipped production workshop and technology center gathering senior R & D talents to answer your questions and solve your doubts, so that you can understand our first-class manufacturing production line and witness our strong R & D strength.

On sale

In depth understanding of customers' real and potential needs. Help you analyze the equipment area, site space planning, etc. According to the user's demand for production capacity, raw materials and investment cost budget, the senior engineer team of our company's technology center integrates personalized resources to customize appropriate and economical design schemes for customers, so as to ensure greater profits for customers.

After sales

Provide regular follow-up service, help users optimize the maintenance of equipment, timely analyze and solve the equipment problems fed back by customers. After the maintenance personnel arrive at the post, they can remove the fault overnight. After the fault is removed, they can operate normally for more than five hours before leaving.

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