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Huatai 2 tons gas steam boiler to help Kenya gynecological hospital

 HUATAI 2021-12-15 

Henan Huatai 2 tons WNS gas steam boiler ready, destination: Kenya gynecology hospital.



As a heat carrier, steam is widely used in hospital disinfection, preparation production, laundry, heating, purification, air conditioning, bath and other fields.The quality of steam is directly related to medical safety, so it is very important to ensure the safe operation of steam boiler.

This time, Henan Huatai made great efforts to provide sustained, stable, sufficient and high-quality steam support for Kenya's gynecological hospitals.



WNS gas steam boiler parameter information

Model: WNS2-1.25-Y (Q)

Evaporation :2T/h

Working pressure: 1.25MPa

Applicable fuels: natural gas, diesel oil

Advantages: large steam space, high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection, high safety performance



The advantages of WNS series gas steam boiler

Large steam space

Boilers have sufficient steam space to cope with load fluctuations and peak changes and provide high quality dry steam because dry steam helps eliminate unnecessary additional condensation, thus saving fuel consumption, reducing system scaling and extending service life.

The environmental protection

The oil (gas) boilers of the company meet the strict environmental protection requirements of the country, and meet the increasing environmental protection requirements of the country.


Reasonable structure

Horizontal internal combustion three cycle fully wet back structure, 100% water in fire design, 100% wave furnace, with good expansibility, enough heating area and reasonable structure layout.


High efficiency and energy saving

The corrugated furnace, threaded smoke tube, large space combustion chamber and reasonable structure arrangement can achieve the effect of low energy consumption and high efficiency heat transfer.Boiler thermal efficiency can reach more than 92%, if equipped with condenser, the efficiency can reach more than 100%.

Gas steam boiler using clean energy, to protect the atmospheric environment and reduce pollutant emissions is of great significance.In addition, the application of energy saving control technology can not only ensure the safe operation of the boiler, but also help to reduce the internal consumption, which plays a certain role in ensuring the economy and operation of the gas-fired boiler.



Henan Huatai Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on boiler manufacturing.Hospital gas boiler, hospital steam boiler has been designed and produced for many years, advanced technology, rich experience, well received by users.Our company will, as always, strive for progress in stability and provide users with continuous and stable heat source support.

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