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15 ton steam boiler for energy projects

 HUATAI 2021-12-15 

Dongying Gemeng Energy Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of petroleum products, metal materials and building materials. With the expansion of scale and in response to the requirements of local environmental protection policies, Dongying Gemeng Energy Co., Ltd. decided to purchase a steam boiler.

Among many boiler manufacturers, Henan Huatai boiler has won the recognition of the enterprise with its good reputation and rich industry experience. According to the actual steam demand and local environmental protection policies, Henan Huatai provided it with a wns15-1.25-yq steam boiler. This type of boiler is a WNS type oil (gas) steam boiler. It not only has large steam space, stable and reliable operation, but also has strong overload operation capacity. It can well meet the needs of steam for different production of petroleum products, metal materials and building materials.


Henan Huatai WNS series steam boiler uses high-efficiency heat transfer components, threaded smoke pipe and large-diameter corrugated furnace liner. It not only has large heat transfer area and sufficient fuel combustion space, but also is equipped with advanced low nitrogen burner to ensure full combustion of gas fuel and small generation of harmful substances. In addition, Henan Huatai technicians reasonably set up waste heat recovery devices such as economizer and condenser for the tail of the boiler according to the actual working conditions, so as to effectively utilize the heat energy in the flue gas and greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

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