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CDZL Series Biomass-Fired Hot Water Boiler

  • thermal capacity: 0.7-7MW
  • Rated thermal efficiency: ≥86%
  • Pressure: Atmospheric pressure
  • Available fuel: Biomass pellets sawdust bagasse rice bran wood block wood chips peanut shell firewood cotton stalk fungus rhizome etc
  • Available industries: Heating chemical industry food tobacco textile printing and dyeing feed medicine building materials brewing rubber hospital etc.

Product introduction

Aiming at the characteristics of biomass fuel, our company has developed an industrial boiler adapted to biomass fuel combustion, which can avoid or solve the problems of ash accumulation and slagging in the process of biomass combustion and heat exchange.The emission of flue gas meets the relevant national environmental protection standards, and the carbon content of ash residue is low, which can realize the comprehensive utilization of fly ash.



1. Design of large furnace and new fumace arch.
2.Large combustion chamber,strong applicability of coal.
3.Reasonable exhaust distribution.
4.Good dust removal effect.




Technical parameter

Model Thermal power (MW) Supply and return water temperature (℃) Thermal efficiency (%) Heating area (M2)
CDZL0.7-85/60 0.7 85/60 84.9 8500
CDZL1.4-85/60 1.4 85/60 85.2 17500
CDZL2.8-85/60 2.8 85/60 86 35000
CDZL4.2-85/60 4.2 85/60 86.4 36000
CDZL7-85/60 7 85/60 86.8 60000


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