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SZL Series Biomass Fired Steam Boiler

  • thermal capacity: 2-20t/h
  • Rated thermal efficiency: ≥87%
  • Pressure: 1.0-2.5Mpa
  • Available fuel: pellets wood chips plam shell bagasse sawdust husks etc
  • Available industries: food beverage diaries feed mill garment textile mill paper mill packaged refinery chemical etc

Product introduction

SZL series biomass steam boiler adopts double drum vertical layout, and the combustion mode is chain grate, burning solid fuel formed by biomass.The water wall of the two sides of the furnace adopts the membrane water wall structure.The front and rear wall water-cooled wall pipes extend down to the top of the grate to form the front and rear arches.After the furnace for the combustion chamber, convection tube bundle, economizer, the tail of the economizer.The flue gas enters the tail flue through the furnace, combustion chamber, convection tube bundle and economizer, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the dust collector, induced fan and chimney.The front wall is equipped with secondary air, which is controlled by the valve and put into use when burning biomass fuel to fully burn out the fuel and improve the combustion efficiency.Use higher feed ports to meet the demand for biomass fuel.


Production advantage:

1.Advanced arch design

Furnace arch adopts advanced design, forming obvious inverse “α” flue gas flow, which makes the boiler strong adaptability of different fuels.

The front and back arches are “wet arch” structure, keep a constant temperature and protect the arch.

2.Excellent chain grate

1) The grate is 500~1000mm longer than others, the fuel combustion time is longer, 

improve the combustion efficiency.

2) The small scale flake grate could resist the temperature as high as 1200℃, long working life.

3) The chain grate has a low coal leakage because of the small gap.

4) High automatic degree, decrease labor cost.

5) Convenient for maintenance, it could be done without boiler shut down.

3.Sufficient output

The boiler is equipped with double drums, membrane water wall, and large diameter furnace, the radiant heating area increases more than 50%, achieves sufficient output.

4.Both sides air inlets

Boiler adopts bilateral air inlets and independent wind chambers, could adjust wind volume and pressure flexible, to ensure the sufficient combustion.

5、The boiler belongs to the whole water pipe structure, long life, radiation heating, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving.



Technical parameter

Model Rated evaporation(t/h) Working pressure(Mpa) Steam temperature(℃) The thermal efficiency(%)
SZL2-1.0/1.25 2 1.0/1.25 184/194 ≧85%
SZL4-1.0/1.25 4 1.0/1.25 184/194 ≧85%
SZL6-1.0/1.25 6 1.0/1.25 184/194 ≧85%
SZL8-1.0/1.25 8 1.0/1.25 184/194 ≧85%
SZL10-1.0/1.25/1.6 10 1.0/1.25/1.6 184/194/204 ≧85%
SZL12-1.25/1.6 12 1.25/1.6 194/204 ≧87%
SZL15-1.25/1.6/2.5 15 1.25/1.6/2.5 194/204/226 ≧87%
SZL20-1.25/1.6/2.5 20 1.25/1.6/2.5 194/204/226 ≧87%


Product parameter 2:


Model Rated evaporation(t/h) Working pressure(Mpa) Superheated steam temperature(℃) The thermal efficiency(%)
SZL15-1.6/2.5 15 1.6/2.5 300/400 ≧87%
SZL20-1.6/2.5 20 1.6/2.5 300/400 ≧87%


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