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DZL Series Coal-Fired Hot Water Boiler

  • thermal capacity: 1.4-7MW
  • Rated thermal efficiency: ≥82%
  • Pressure: 0.7-1.6Mpa
  • Available fuel: Bituminous coal lean coal anthracite
  • Available industries: thermal power company textile factory chemical factory food factory pharmaceutical factory brewery washing factory etc.

Product introduction

DZL single drum horizontal chain grate coal fired boiler has compact structure, smaller overall dimension compared with the same type of boiler, and saves capital construction investment of boiler house. The heat transfer coefficient and heat efficiency of the boiler are improved by using the threaded flue gas tube to enhance the heat transfer. Due to the disturbance of flue gas in the pipe. It is not easy to accumulate ash in the smoke pipe, which plays the role of self cleaning. The unique double-layer secondary air design improves the ignition conditions of biomass fuel. The independent air chamber is adopted to achieve the reasonable air distribution, so that a combustion friendly aerodynamic field is formed in the furnace, making the combustion temperature high and the combustion efficiency high. 



Product Advantage:

1. The medium temperature is low and the heat loss is small.

2. Hot water heating is widely promoted with safe and stable operation in internationally.

3. The secondary air is arranged in the front and rear arches to ensure the secondary combustion of fly ash after particle decomposition and high combustion efficiency.

4. Adopt scale chain grate, mechanized feeding. It has the characteristics of uniform feeding, stable combustion, convenient control, uneasy tempering and convenient mechanical ash cleaning.



Technical parameter

Model Thermal rating(MW) Pressure of work(Mpa) Rated outlet temperature(℃) Rated inlet temperature(℃)
DZL1.4-0.7/95/70 1.4 0.7 95 70
DZL1.4-1.0/115/70 1.4 1 115 70
DZL2.8-0.7/95/70 2.8 0.7 95 70
DZL2.8-1.0/115/70 2.8 1 115 70
DZL2.8-1.25/120/70 2.8 1.25 120 70
DZL4.2-1.25/120/70 4.2 1.25 120 70
DZL4.2-1.6/130/70 4.2 1.6 130 70
DZL5.6-1.25/120/70 5.6 1.25 120 70
DZL5.6-1.6/130/70 5.6 1.6 130 70
DZL7-1.25/120/70 7 1.25 120 70
DZL7-1.6/130/70 7 1.6 130 70


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