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DZL Series Coal-Fired Steam Boiler

  • thermal capacity: 1-10 t/h
  • Rated thermal efficiency: ≥87.03%
  • Pressure: 1.0-1.6Mpa
  • Available fuel: Bituminous coal lean coal anthracite
  • Available industries: thermal power company textile factory clothing factory chemical factory food factory pharmaceutical factory paper factory brewery washing factory etc.

Product introduction

DZL type single drum horizontal chain grate coal-fired steam boiler is a kind of horizontal three-way water fire tube hybrid boiler. In the drum is equipped with threaded smoke tube, and the left and right sides of the furnace are equipped with smooth tube water-cooled walls. The fuel falls from the hopper to the grate and burns in the furnace. After the flame bending upward,  passes through the rear arch and turns to the front smoke box through the combustion chambers on both sides of the body. Then, the flue gas is folded back into the boiler fire tube from the front flue gas box and enters the economizer through the rear flue gas box. Then, it is extracted by the induced draft fan and discharged into the atmosphere through the flue.


Product Advantage:

1、The type of the boiler is horizontal quick-loading boiler and natural circulation of working medium.

The boiler heat exchange system is composed of boiler drum, left and right collecting box and water cooling wall.

2、Advanced design performance:

The main heating surface tube of the boiler is made of 20# low and medium pressure boiler seamless steel tube, and the boiler tube is made of boiler special steel plate.The left and right container is made of seamless steel tube.

3、The furnace arch is made of fire – resistant concrete ramming.The rear arch is low and long, so it burns well. The two wing flue and the side wall tiles are fired with refractory bricks.Boiler front wall, back wall with general fire brick.

4、The grate air distribution is reasonable, the combustion chamber is large, the coal type applicability is strong.Suitable for all kinds of bituminous coal or anthracite, mixed coal.Burn well.Because of the high temperature flue gas first into the settling chamber, and then from both sides into the two wings flue, the front smoke box, so the smoke removal effect is good.

5、With the latest stratified coal feeding combustion technology, the combustion is full and the combustion efficiency is high.



Technical parameter

Model Rated evaporation(t/h) Rated working pressure(Mpa) Steam temperature(℃) The thermal efficiency(%) Fuel consumption(kg/h)
DZL1-1.0 1 1.0 184 84.45 197.15
DZL2-1.0/1.25/1.6 2 1.0/1.25/1.6 184/193/204 84.72 447
DZL4-1.0/1.25/1.6 4 1.0/1.25/1.6 184/193/204 85.56 928
DZL6-1.0/1.25/1.6 6 1.0/1.25/1.6 184/193/204 85.94 1390
DZL10-1.0/1.25/1.6 10 1.0/1.25/1.6 184/193/204 86.23 2315


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