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YLW Series Coal(Biomass)-Fired Thermal Oil Heater

  • thermal capacity: 700-12000KW
  • Rated thermal efficiency: ≥92%
  • Pressure: 0.8-1.0Mpa
  • Available fuel: Bituminous coal anthracite biomass particles
  • Available industries: Petroleum chemical chemical fiber pharmaceutical textile printing and dyeing building materials wood processing vegetable oil processing and other industries

Product introduction

YLW series organic heat transfer material heater is a square tube horizontal chain grate assembly boiler, and the chain grate and the boiler body are separated from the factory. The boiler adopts chain grate to realize mechanical coal feeding, equipped with blower and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with slag extractor to realize mechanical slag discharging. At runtime, the fuel falls from the coal hopper to the grate for combustion, the high-temperature flue gas is reflected to the front of the furnace through the rear arch, enters the furnace through the radiation heat exchange of the radiation heating surface, enters the convection heating surface for convection heat exchange, then leads to the waste heat boiler or enters the air preheater, finally enters the dedusting and desulfurization system, and then the flue gas is pumped by the induced draft fan and discharged to the atmosphere through the chimney.



Product Advantage:

• Horizontal structure, short installation circle
• Applicable to bituminous coal, lean coal, anthracite, biomass particles,etc.

• Precisely control the oil temperature and pressure,to ensure safe running
• Adopt special technology to eliminate the residual moisture after the hydrotest



Technical parameter

Model Rated heating capacity(KW) Rated working pressure(Mpa) The temperature(℃) The thermal efficiency(%)
YLW-700SCⅡ/AII 700 0.8 320 ≥82
YLW-1400SCⅡ/AII 1400 0.8 320 ≥82
YLW-1800SCⅡ/AII 1800 0.8 320 ≥82
YLW-2400SCⅡ/AII 2400 0.8 320 ≥82
YLW-2800SCⅡ/AII 2800 0.8 320 ≥82
YLW-3500SCⅡ/AII 3500 0.8 320 ≥82
YLW-4200SCⅡ/AII 4200 0.8 320 ≥82
YLW-4600SCⅡ/AII 4600 1.0 320 ≥82
YLW-6000SCⅡ/AII 6000 1.0 320 ≥82
YLW-7000SCⅡ/AII 7000 1.0 320 ≥82
YLW-8200SCⅡ/AII 8200 1.0 320 ≥86
YLW-9400SCⅡ/AII 9400 1.0 320 ≥86
YLW-10500SCⅡ/AII 10500 1.0 320 ≥86
YLW-12000SCⅡ/AII 12000 1.0 320 ≥86


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