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SZS Series Oil/Gas Steam Tube Boiler

  • thermal capacity: 10 – 110 t/h
  • Rated thermal efficiency: ≥98%
  • Pressure: 1.25 – 5.3 Mpa
  • Available fuel: natural gas LPG heavy oil diesel dual fuel etc
  • Available industries: food beverage feed mill textile mill paper mill packaged refinery chemical pharmaceutical etc.

Product introduction

SZS Series Oil/Gas Steam Tube Boiler  is fixed on the front wall. After the fuel is ejected from the burner, it burns under micro-barotropic pressure in the furnace (the first return). After the high temperature flue gas radiation is released, turn 180° to the left after the furnace to  enter the convection bundle of the second return journey, flow  into the horizontal superheater before the furnace, and turn 180° to the left before the furnace to enter the convection bundle of the energy-saving device (the third return journey).The convection tube bundles are then fully heat exchanged through the energy- saving device and the condenser, and finally through the flue into the chimney and discharged into the atmosphere.


Production advantage:

Low Nitrogen Environmental Protection
1.1 The boiler adopts the design idea of flue gas cascade waste heat recovery. A flue gas condenser is installed at the tail of the boiler body, which reduces the flue gas temperature (can be < 70 ℃), improves the efficiency of the boiler and reduces the harmful components in the flue gas.
2.Choose well-known brand burners and reasonable furnace structure to make the fuel burn fully, the emission flue gas composition conforms to the environmental protection index of the first class area of the country, and the noise is also lower than the national standard.
High efficiency and energy saving
3.1 Boiler heating surface layout is reasonable, technical parameters are selected appropriately, and heat transfer area is surplus, so it has a certain overload capacity.
3.2 Boiler flue gas and working medium are arranged in countercurrent, with high average temperature and pressure, good heat transfer, reasonable selection of furnace volume, and full combustion of fuel.
3.3 Aluminum silicate felt and super fine glass filament are selected as insulation materials. The total thickness is about 200 mm. The reflection aluminum foil is used between the two insulation layers, which reduces the heat loss of the boiler to the lowest level, greatly improves the thermal efficiency, saves fuel and reduces the operating cost.
3.4 Condenser not only absorbs a lot of sensible heat in flue gas, but also a lot of latent heat in flue gas, which makes boiler efficiency higher than that of ordinary boilers. The condensation waste heat recovery device uses ND steel with special acid and chloride corrosion resistance, which greatly prolongs the service life of boilers.
Safety and reliability
4.1 Boiler adopts micro-positive pressure combustion and furnace wall tube is full membrane wall structure. It has a certain pressure bearing capacity, and no smoke leakage or air leakage will occur when it operates under micro-positive pressure.
4.2 Boiler is double drum horizontal type with small water capacity and fuel is gas (oil). The heat storage in the boiler is very small, and the vaporization rate of water after power failure is low, so the operation of power failure protection is simple.
4.3 Boilers are equipped with explosion-proof doors and furnace pressure monitoring devices to ensure safe and reliable operation.
Easy operation
5.1 Manhole devices are arranged in front and back of the upper and lower drum. Inspection doors are arranged in the back of the boiler for easy maintenance.
5.2 Boiler is a complete boiler, which can shorten the installation period while satisfying the requirements of transportation size. At the same time, the aluminium outsourcing and the framework are connected by bolts. It is convenient to dismantle and is conducive to maintenance.

Technical parameter

Model Rated evaporation (t/h) Pressure of work(Mpa) The thermal efficiency(%) Steam temperature(℃)
SZS10-1.25/1.6-Y(Q) 10 1.25/1.6 98.2 194/204
SZS15-1.25/1.6-Y(Q) 15 1.25/1.6 98.5 194/204
SZS20-1.25/1.6-Y(Q) 20 1.25/1.6 99.8 194/204
SZS25-1.25/1.6-Y(Q) 25 1.25/1.6 99.6 194/204
SZS30-1.25/1.6-Y(Q) 30 1.25/1.6 99.8 194/204
SZS40-1.25/1.6-Y(Q) 40 1.25/1.6 99.8 194/204
SZS50-1.25/1.6-Y(Q) 50 1.25/1.6 99.8 194/204
SZS60-1.25/1.6-Y(Q) 60 1.25/1.6 99.8 194/204
SZS80-1.25/1.6-Y(Q) 80 1.25/1.6 99.8 194/204

Technical parameter 2:

Model Rated evaporation (t/h) Pressure of work(Mpa) The thermal efficiency(℃) Steam temperature(%)
SZS30-1.6/2.5/3.8-Y(Q) 30 1.6/2.5/3.8 300/400/450 99.8%
SZS40-1.6/2.5/3.8-Y(Q) 40 1.6/2.5/3.8 300/400/450 99.8%
SZS50-1.6/2.5/3.8-Y(Q) 50 1.6/2.5/3.8 300/400/450 99.8%
SZS60-1.6/2.5/3.8-Y(Q) 60 1.6/2.5/3.8 300/400/450 99.8%
SZS80-1.6/2.5/3.8-Y(Q) 80 1.6/2.5/3.8 300/400/450 99.8%


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