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Liquor-making industry

Whether making liquor, beer or wine, in its production process, fermentation and distillation and other processes must use steam to carry out related work.Fermentation to yeast, grain and other mixtures to produce alcohol fermentation;Distillation requires the use of distillers, condensers and other equipment to extract the alcohol in the grain.It can be seen that the stable output of high temperature, high quality steam steam boiler is essential.With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection and the introduction of strict air pollution emission standards in China, serious pollution coal-fired boiler equipment has been eliminated, more clean and environmentally friendly gas boilers, electric boilers in response to the situation, because of its efficient operation, extremely low nitrogen oxide emissions and by the favor of various liquor enterprises.


Brewing requires fermentation, which should be carried out in a certain temperature and humidity environment. In general, the food crops that need to be brewed need to be fermented for 7-15 days at 20-25℃ environment.This requires a boiler to keep the cellar at a constant temperature.


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