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Feed industry

According to incomplete statistics, China's existing feed processing enterprises have nearly 15,000, the total output has exceeded 107 million tons, is the main pillar to support the operation of animal husbandry.Wet granulation and wet expansion is the main stage of feed processing will be used in the steam boiler. The raw material of granulation is quenched and quenched by the conditioner. The temperature of the material is raised to 80-85℃ by the steam generated by the boiler, and the moisture reaches about 17%.With the development of aquaculture and progress, the economic value higher product gradually replace YuanLiaoLiang breeding animals, feed, and the pattern of small-scale peasant cage-free also gradually change, huatai provide saturated steam boiler for the feed industry, increase granulating efficiency and grain quality, and save raw materials, energy saving, is equipped with the feed industry boiler equipment.

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