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Maintenance of Huatai Oil fired Boiler Burner

 HUATAI 2022-05-09 

Burners require regular maintenance, but do the following frequently:
1. Cut off the power supply, remove the photoresistor, and wipe it with a clean dry cloth.
2. Remove the fuel injector and carefully clean it with gasoline or trichloroethylene. Note that only wood and plastic tools can be used, not metal tools. After 2000 hours of normal operation, the fuel injector should be replaced.
3. Carefully clean the oil filter on the fuel injector.
4. Remove the cyclone, remove the soot on the cyclone and the inner wall of the combustion head, and make the air flow channel unobstructed.
5. Carefully clean the electrodes, scrape off dust and carbon deposits, and correct the position and distance between the two electrodes.
6. Carefully clean the filter in the oil pump.
7. Clean the oil filter and oil tank. If the filter screen is found to be damaged, it needs to be replaced in time. If there is a lot of sediment in the tank, it should be cleaned.
8. If necessary, clean the flue of the boiler and chimney.

Note: The casing of the burner cannot be cleaned with organic solvents (such as sprinkling, acetone, banana water, etc.), but only a mixture of water and detergent.

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