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The difference between natural gas boilers and coal fired boilers

 HUATAI 2022-05-10 

Natural gas boilers and coal-fired boilers are both types of boilers, but the fuel types used by the two are different. Natural gas boilers are boiler products that burn natural gas as fuel, while coal-fired boilers are boilers that burn coal.

The coal boiler adopts the layer-fired combustion method, and the coal is transported through the coal feeding machine on the plane of the chain grate, and the combustion process is completed in the furnace. The gas-fired boiler uses chamber combustion. After the natural gas is mixed with the air in the burner in a preset ratio, it is sprayed into the furnace through the nozzle, and the combustion is completed in the furnace in the form of a torch.

In the development process of boilers, traditional coal-fired boilers have occupied an important position in the past, and users will give priority to coal-fired boilers when choosing boilers. This is because coal-fired boilers have low operating costs, so they are favored by users. . However, with the strengthening of environmental policies and the further improvement of air pollution control, traditional coal-fired boilers will produce a large amount of nitrogen oxides when they emit flue gas, which is the main source of air pollution, so traditional coal-fired boilers have been eliminated and banned. . In this period, natural gas boilers came into being. Due to the characteristics of low environmental pollution, they quickly occupied the market. They are currently the mainstream products in boilers and occupy an important market position.

Natural gas boilers belong to clean energy because the fuel for combustion is natural gas. The ash content, sulfur content and nitrogen content in the gas are lower than those of coal, and the combustion is sufficient. It can greatly reduce the pollution to the environment. Gas boilers do not need auxiliary equipment such as gas, slag remover, dust collector, grate, etc., saving boiler equipment investment. Gas boilers have strong heating load adaptability. It can flexibly adjust the size of the fire, and the safety factor is high.

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