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The advantages of gas fired boilers over coal fired boilers

 HUATAI 2022-05-10 

First, the gas boiler does not need coal ash stacking, saving land.

Second, save boiler auxiliary production water. The normal production water of coal-fired boilers and gas-fired boilers is equal, but the gas-fired boilers save auxiliary water used by coal-fired boilers for dust removal and slag removal.

Third, reduce staff. Gas-fired boilers have less auxiliary equipment than coal-fired boilers, require fewer staff, and pay much less for wages and welfare costs.

Fourth, save electricity costs for boiler production. The gas boiler has less fuel delivery and other auxiliary equipment, low power, and short continuous operation time, so the power consumption is low and the cost is relatively low.

Fifth, reduce labor intensity. Coal-fired boilers require high-intensity physical labor in the process of coal transportation and slag removal, while gas-fired boilers have less labor intensity.

Sixth, the gas boiler room is flexible in layout, occupies a small area, and produces low noise.

Seventh, improve the environment. Coal-fired boilers produce a large amount of smoke and dust during operation, which causes great pollution to the environment, while natural gas is a clean energy source, which greatly improves the environment.

Therefore, gas boilers have more advantages than traditional coal-fired boilers. Using a gas boiler is safe and convenient, and it can improve air quality and give you a fresh living space.

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